Theatre of Dreams TVC

The Mob’s fresh new face Meriem Adib shows off the beautiful side of the Theatre of Dreams in this new spot for DirecTV.

Volkswagen: Explosion

Explosion is the final film in the Paul WS Anderson trilogy of ‘Made for real life, not the movies’  campaign. Showcasing in UK Independent cinemas this month, the high-intensity film keeps the audience guessing until the very last second. Each film shows different Volkswagen’s in all of their glory, and the cutting-edge technology they boast. Which isn’t made for the movies.

Volkswagen: Chase

The second instalment of the ‘Made for real life, not the movies’ campaign with VW hit Independent UK cinemas in Summer 2014.
Watch the clever hi-speed cop chase now, directed by Paul WS Anderson.

Pepsi Max: Paintballs

The Mob’s latest new talent and rising star director David Schofield has directed this stunning film for Pepsi Max.
As the World Cup enters the final stages Pepsi Max brings you Unbelievable feats and experiences,  with this original combination of football and art, that sees freestylers put their amazing skills to great use to create their own masterpiece!

Volkswagen: Bus

Mob director Paul WS Anderson’s exciting Volkswagen campaign explodes into cinemas this June. ‘Bus’, the first in a series of 3 epic action/comedy spots, carries the tagline ‘Made for real life, not the movies’.

The 3 films, Bus, The Chase and Explosion mimic stereotypical action movie plots with trademark Anderson action… but with a comical twist. Each hero scene has a hilariously anti-climatic ending highlighting Volkswagen’s new safety technology.

Shot on location in South Africa, the campaigns launch online and the first of the 3 can be seen in all its glory on the big screen in independent cinemas around the UK this month.


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#5 Apparel Launch Film

We teamed up with Rio Ferdinand and brand #5 to launch an exciting showcase of #5’s new apparel. Featuring the urban beats of Tyler Daley, look out for a few familiar faces along the way.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a peak into your child’s imagination, to open up a world where there are no limitations or boundaries? We think it’d look a little like this…

The Unfriendly

The Legends Are Back!
Now fit and battle ready, the Man United Old Guard need match practice before facing the Real Madrid Legends at Old Trafford.

Robbo, Den, Sharpey, Dion and Clayton gate crash the flood-lit Trafford Sports Barn for an un-friendly football match with the unsuspecting Manchester United Foundation team.

Volkswagen GTi: My Way

The Extended version of Paul W.S Anderson’s ‘My Way’ commercial was used exclusively at the ‘Geneva Motor Show’ for the launch of the new VW Golf GTI.